Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Portugal: Home for the weekend

Emily picked out the hostel, and she couldn't have done a better job.  We all loved Dixo's.  The people were all super friendly and knowledgeable about the area.  Everything was very clean, and we met a lot of really cool people through the hostel.  On the second night we went on a pub crawl through connections of the hostel, and made friends with an archeology student from Holland  and a couple of art students from Pais Vasco and Italy.  The next morning a couple of us went on a walking tour, also through the hostel, and met a couple of finance students on vacation; they were from China, Canada, and Uruguay, but all studied in France.  How cool is that?  

 Here's a few pictures of the city from the balcony early in the morning.  The hostel was right in the middle of everything we wanted to do.  Everything was in walking distance.  

The only thing that I didn't love about the hostel was that it was very cold; I'm actually not sure if there was heating at all.  However, all the beds had very thick blankets, and so sleeping was fine.  And really, the only point of a hostel is to sleep, isn't it? If I were to go again, I would make sure to bring my slippers, is all.  

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